This initiative seek to achieve the mass participation of our student in the renewable energy sector

Over the years we have seen industries growing at a rapid rate and creating huge employment and entrepreneurs along the way. We Izazi group having played a role in solar installation over the previous years. It has come to our attention that much is not don to align our students to participate in the renewable energy sector, especially in homelands and in rural areas. We decided to launch this program that will be very inclusive to the participants.

The fuels of the future

Grey hydrogen:

natural gasses are split into co2 and hydrogen either by steam methane reforming (SMR) or Auto thermal reforming (ATR) which causes co2 to be released into the atmosphere.

Green hydrogen

Produced by splitting water and oxygen by electrolysis producing hydrogen and oxygen which is released into the atmosphere with no negative impact on the environment.

About Us.

Over the past years we have managed to assemble the best team of professionals that will ensure the continuous delivering of safety and quality work to all our stakeholders. By investing in skills development provide our personnel to negotiate the ever-changing technology with the industry.
Our operation is supported and guided by quality management systems QMS

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